Sydney Couch

April 16, 2019


  1. Ax Throwing Fun!
    18 Apr, 2019
    Ax Throwing Fun!
    For my brother's latest birthday, he came up with the coolest idea for his "birthday party." (Just saying those words makes it sound like it's for a 5 year-old, but alas, that is what it was!) He decided he wanted to go ax throwing! I had heard/seen about ax throwing via social media and such, so when SIL called to invite Mr. BF and me, I was quick to say yes!  Me...with an ax. Quick, everyone run! :-) We had a group of around 10. We had two bays, alleys, stalls...whatever they should be
  2. Last Minute Christmas Gifts!
    18 Dec, 2018
    Last Minute Christmas Gifts!
    Are you a Christmas shopping procrastinator??? I used to be TERRIBLE at procrastinating........I still am.......just not with Christmas! I tend to be super on top of it, and only have a few random things left to grab! If you (or perhaps your husband) are procrastinating, look no further! I have a list of my favorite suggestions that are great for any and all! 1.) Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Mint Candle! (Found here: To say that I'm in love with this candle is a
  3. Cozy Christmas Wishlist!
    14 Dec, 2018
    Cozy Christmas Wishlist!
    Is there anything better than being cozy?! I think not. For some reason, I think the word "cozy" is synonymous with the word "Christmas." There is just something about the house being decorated and the tree all lit up that screams cozy! What better way to get cozy than with my favorites!  I'd like to point out that all of my cozy favorites happen to come from Pottery Barn! This is not a sponsored post; I just happen to love these products! These are the kind of products that would be great for
  4. DFW Christmas
    13 Dec, 2018
    DFW Christmas
    When the calendar hits November 1st, this is how I feel on the inside... (Confession: I saw Elf for the first time LAST year! Why did it take me so long??? It is now one of my favorites!) I"m THAT person that starts watching Christmas movies, wearing Christmas pjs, decorating for Christmas, Christmas shopping, and generally allowing the Christmas spirit to set in! DFW has fantastic ways to experience and celebrate the holidays, but there are a few that stand out to me! I have conveniently
  5. Welcome to My Very Own Web Page!
    08 Dec, 2018
    Welcome to My Very Own Web Page!
    I have had my blog for about a year now, and I recently decided to take a fun little leap into creating my very own website! I really enjoy the process of blogging, and suggesting the things I love is so fun for me! Welcome to! This site is named Sydney Suggests because I am constantly suggesting things to my friends. I kept having friends say "you should start a blog!" One day I decided "why not!?" So here we are! I started the blog back in August of 2017 and I enjoy the